This could be 2GB filesize limit problem:
Here’s a discussion: http://www.tek-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=1218851&page=4

The insidious and obscure thing about the 2GB+ problem is that you don’t even know you have a problem unless you just happen to access data that is in a block that is at or beyond the block that just happens to be on the 2GB boundary. The access problem occurs only to blocks that are at or beyond the block on the 2GB boundary in the same object (e.g., same table/index/et cetera). So, frankly, you could go for years and not know that you have a problem if the object is obscure or if accesses just happen to occur to blocks prior to the “problem block”.
Therefore, you can isolate if this is an issue for you by determining if the table with which you are having trouble happens to lie on the 2GB “threshold” of one of your 2GB+ data files. Here is a script that I wrote for you that will show the owner, name, and object_type of any object that is on a 2GB boundary in your database:
col a heading “Owner.Object (Type/File)|on 2GB Boundaries” format a50
select owner ||’.’||segment_name||’ (‘||lower(segment_type)
||’ in file #’||file_id||’)’ a
,block_id, blocks
from dba_extents
where power(2,31)/8192 between block_id and block_id+blocks
order by file_id,owner,segment_name
For any tables that lie on the 2GB boundary(ies), run a “SELECT” (without a “WHERE” clause) of a single numeric column from the table (which forces a full table scan). If the SELECT fails, then you know you have a problem.

Metalink DocID 136697.1 has a script for “Pro-actively detecting common data dictionary problems”.


One Response to “ORA-08103”

  1. billmil Says:

    fwiw, the sql doesn’t copy and paste very nicely into sqlplus. the ‘fancy quotes’ cause errors. One has to find and replace the unicode with simple single and double quotes.

    otherwise, thanks for posting this.

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