Everyone wants to change my PATH

Every little program out there want to modify my PATH environment variable and causes tons of grief.
I had Oracle 9.2 running on my windows box, and then I installed 10g. Suddenly, I can’t connect to my 9.2 database by sqlplus. The culprit is 10g puts its version of sqlplus in the PATH ahead of the 9i version of sqlplus and I haven’t configured network for 10g yet. And then I installed OWB(Oracle Warehouse Builder), and then the same grief again.
Just adding my binary path to the PATH before everybody else is the accepted standard practice in software. Shouldn’t you at least prompt me when there’s a name conflict? Oh, because the novice users will be at a loss as to what that means… But wouldn’t they be at a loss as well when some programs suddenly stop working after installation?


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