Oracle SQL Parser

I have been looking for a decent Oracle SQL parser.
I found JDeveloper eSDK by Oracle, which apparently includes a parser/generator for Oracle SQL.

It is poorly documented, only JavaDoc is available.
The JavaDoc is here, the main packages involved are oracle.javatools.db and oracle.javatools.db.sql.

However, after some days of playing with it, I found serious deficiencies:

  1. Poor documentation, support close to none, only a forum where no one will answer your questions, even bug.
  2. Can’t parse WITH clause. Workaround none.
  3. Eat away keyword distinct in the select list. Workaround, use group by for some cases.
  4. Eat away package name, eg,, parsed as bar. Workaround, have a public synonym for
  5. Can’t parse IN clause with subquery. Workaround, rewrite with equijoin, potential performance impact

I am wondering if you know some decent Oracle SQL parser, perferrably written in Java.


One Response to “Oracle SQL Parser”

  1. Emre Akarsu Says:

    Can you share some sample code that you developed so far ? It is really hard to find a sample code.

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