SQL Server pivot query

I blogged about Pivot query, sometimes referred to as a cross-tab query, a while ago.
Mike has mentioned pivot syntax in SQL Server here. I checked it out.
I wouldn’t describe it as cool or glamorous, but it is a neat feature that I hope Oracle will adopt. I know, not easy, for some pride issues.


4 Responses to “SQL Server pivot query”

  1. Maximus Says:

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  2. Dong Says:


    Oracle has come out with its version of the pivot syntax in 11g.
    Check out this one:


  3. Przemysław Michalski Says:

    its quite usefull technique of matrix transformation – I thing it could be fast in computing transformation data (f.ex.) – but does anybody know how it works with huge (2-3GB) data tables with simple columns structure ?

  4. Dong Says:


    I would imagine it depends on the number and size of columns involved in the matrix transformation. Also, given the 2-3GB, I would probably opt for more traditional OLAP technologies. Cognos(IBM), Oracle, SQLServer all have OLAP that build the cubes for faster data analysis.


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