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Are you exporting and importing compressed partitions?

December 15, 2006

Your luck just ran out.
Oracle imp utility uses convention inserts exclusively and partitions will lose compression after import as the inserts are not direct-path. The shiny 10g datapump has the same limitation. You will have to recompress the partitions later, like
1. Insert(append) into an empty table from the uncompressed partition.
2. Partition exchange
3. Truncate the table.
Then repeat for every uncompressed partition.


AskTom website exception

December 8, 2006

This is the exception I got from AskTom website this morning, 6AM EST.
ORA-01688: unable to extend table ASK_TOM.WWC_ASK_ACTIVITY_LOG$ partition PART_12 by 64 in tablespace ASK_TOM_LOG

What can we tell from this?
1. Schema name is ASK_TOM
2. There’s a tablespace ASK_TOM_LOG
3. There’s a partitioned table WWC_ASK_ACTIVITY_LOG$. Partition PART_12 is in ASK_TOM_LOG tablespace.
4. Eh, time to call DBA?