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Using Oracle SQLDeveloper to access SQLServer

February 27, 2007

It is a pretty cool feature to use Oracle’s SQLDeveper 1.1 to access SQLServer.
The steps are:

  • Download jTDS (open-source SQLServer JDBC driver) from here. Unzip and extract the jtds-1.2.jar or whatever the latest version.
  • Start Oracle’s SQLDeveloper, Tools->Preferences->Database->Third Party JDBC Drivers. Click “Add Entry” and point to the jtds-1.2.jar
  • Create a new connection, choose SQLServer tab, type in hostname, port, username and password. It appears that the initial connection name has to be the same as the database and you can click the “Retrieve database” button. Once you found the database, you can rename the connection.

Try it out.
Of course, certain things don’t work. Like explain plan and auto trace.

Per comments below, please make sure jtds 1.2 is used. Apparently, 1.3 does not work.

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10g not available on all flavors of Vista

February 23, 2007

According to this “Statement of Direction“, current plan calls for 32-bit 10gR2 available only for Vista Business, Ultimate and Enterprise Edition.
I guess Microsoft has put Oracle in a hard position by bringing out ridiculous various flavors. But Vista Home, basic and premium, may not be able to install 10g at all.
I am wondering about the XE. I haven’t tried myself, but some claimed to have installed XE on Vista Home.
PS: In response to APC’s comment, I tried XE on Vista Hom Basic and it works.