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Black-box testing of Cognos using HtmlUnit

October 24, 2006

Building a report in Cognos is one thing, testing of both correctness and performance is another.
It is possible to use HtmlUnit to do black-box testing. The process is pretty easy as HtmlUnit is just another HttpClient, like a browser. The annoying thing is JavaScript. Cognos uses JavaScript extensively and HtmlUnit’s support of JavaScript is spotty. I actually disabled JavaScript altogether and build my own custom Java code to emulate JavaScript. The key is to set values for all those elements in the formWarpRequest form correctly. Coupled with Congos tracing and DB tracing(Oracle for me), it’s possible to get a complete picture of a report run.
There are tons of similar packages available like HttpUnit or WebTest. Actually, WebTest looks very flexible and possibly no coding at all.


Use firefox for Report Studio

September 26, 2006

If you are a firefox and Report Studio user, you probably know by now that Report Studio does not support firefox.
But you probably also know by now that the IE tab plug-in does wonders…
BTW, Query Studio drag-and-drop also works with IE tab.